Weekly Plan Spotlight: $33/mo Unlimited Data on Verizon through ROK

We’re back with this week’s plan spotlight! This one is coming to you courtesy of one of the USA’s most underrated service providers, ROK.

ROK is a piggybacking network that gained renown for offering the world’s most inexpensive, non-promotional Unlimited Text, Talk, and Data plans. This week they’re undercutting even that by offering new customers a rare promotional opportunity: in honor of Black Friday, you get your first 3 months for $99. That’s $33 per month instead of $50.

This is actually fairly unusual for ROK. The company has built its name by avoiding the kind of “new customers” or promotional offers that other carriers frequently deploy. However, it’s looking like they’re ready to step out of the shadows and start making their savings known to the world at large. If you’re tired of your current carrier, this week might be a good time to check out ROK.

Enough with the blabber. Where’s the fine print?
Here’s the deal summed up in ROK’s words:

Deal is available for a limited time for new customers
You can bring an unlocked phone which runs on CDMA and is 4G compatible. Check eligibility on carrier website.
After the promotional 3-month service period, plans will move to standard monthly service and pricing
Service must be activated on or before 1/15/18
Okay that’s nice and all, but is their unlimited plan any good?
Decide for yourself! The ROK Mobile Unlimited Data Plan features the following:

Unlimited talk & text & high speed LTE data, speeds may temporarily slow down at 20GB during times of high network traffic: this soft speed limit known as data deprioritization
Video streaming in SD (standard def) 480p with the option of turning ‘data stretcher’ feature off for higher streaming speeds
Access to 30 million WiFi hotspots via MyROK App
this is not tethering (the ability to share your cellular data with other devices, laptops and tablets) but the option to use more WiFi access points. ROK does not offer tethering aka mobile hotspots
ROK Rewards, save on local deals (in store and online shops, restaurants, …).
No contracts or credit checks required
Roadside assistance